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Week 1 pictures

Posted in The Blog on January 24, 2015 by frc3840
Cecelia learning how to wire up the electrical board

Cecelia learning how to wire up the electrical board

Danny and his homemade 3D printer

Danny and his homemade 3D printer

The 3-D printed hub fits perfectly

The 3D printer hub fits perfectly

John working on the chassis

John working on the chassis


week 2 update

Posted in The Blog on January 21, 2015 by frc3840
Hello everyone,
We have finished our second week of build and the students have been working very hard.  At this point they have most of the core operating systems finished.
This year it was decided to utilize four omni wheels on the drive train; two aiming forwards and two aiming sideways.  Omni wheels have edges lined with rollers at 90 degrees so that the wheels can roll in 4 directions.  Having two wheels aiming sideways enables the robot to be driven in any direction.  With this system being completed, preliminary drive train testing was begun in order to work out any bugs in the system.
A good portion of the pneumatic system was installed.  This system will be used for the forklift actuator.  Next on the list is to finish the pneumatics and to start building the actuator.  A good prototype was worked on during our first week and that design will be put into use in the final actuator being built and tweaked during the next couple weeks.

Week 1 Update

Posted in The Blog on January 17, 2015 by frc3840

Thank you to all of our current sponsors, we would not be able to provide this great educational opportunity to these kids without your help.

Here is the link to the broadcast the team watched on Kick Off.

This link is just the game animation.

We again have 5 students on the team, including our first girl. Of the 5, 1 is an 8th grader, 2 are 9th graders and the last 2 are Juniors who are also participating in PSEO Classes at Anoka Ramsey and University of Northwestern. They are all excited about the game and are working hard at building this years robot. It has been fun watching them brainstorm and prototype this past week. They already have a good start on the chassis and the electrical board.

Again, thank you for sponsoring our team and please forward this onto anyone else in your corporation that would enjoy learning about our progress.