Week 4 update

In the last week, we completed a couple of things. First of all, our robot is finally driveable! This means that our members can practice driving the robot, including how to cross the obstacles efficiently.


Weighing the robot beforehand.


Testing the robot.

Secondly, our shooter is completed. It’s not attached to our robot yet, but the shooter per se is functional.


Thirdly, an important project was completed and submitted, called the Chairman’s Award.

So what is the Chairman’s Award? It is described as “the most prestigious award a team can win at a regional or at the championship, more so than even winning the competition itself.” It is not about winning the competition of the year. Rather, it judges teams by how they demonstrate commitment to spread their passion for science and technology.

So what’s in it for us? Winning the Chairman’s Award would induct the team into the FIRST Hall of Fame, and would be invited to the Championships every year regardless of performance. But to be honest, winning the award means that we would be recognized by FIRST, and that already is the reward.

In other news, remaining parts of the robot were being worked on, such as the bumpers, and the door opener, which allows us to get past some of the obstacles. But aside from that and small improvements here and there, our robot is in good shape.


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