Weeks 5 & 6 update

In the past two weeks, we focused on testing and improving our robot. Although it could run and it could shoot, in most situations there will always be issues that come up whenever something gets done, and it was no different for our robot.

By driving our robot, we realized that the robot might tip over when it crossed obstacles, the treads would come off in certain situations, and that there were issues that caused the robot to not execute commands the way we wanted it to. To deal with these problems, we tightened the chains connecting the motors to the treads, we added wheels near the robot’s center of gravity, and we rewrote some of the code, in addition to rewiring parts of the electronic board.


We had to take away our electric board and our pneumatics board to fix issues with the shooter.


Taking apart the treads.

We also had to undo some of the progress made in the previous weeks. Our bumpers were incorrectly made, and we had to redo them. Our first idea for the door opener, which was more than halfway done, was scrapped, forgoing the arm in exchange for more time to focus on other aspects of the robot.


Work in progress.

On the other hand, we have done a lot more test driving. Mentor and founder of the team, Andrew, had designed a drive course for us, in which we have to drive around chairs in a 8-shape. It was not an easy task for all of us, as the robot drives in a manner that is unlike any other robots we have built. But eventually, some of our members got the hang of it, and were able to make less mistakes than before. At this point it still presents a challenge to some members, but others are growing confident in driving the robot, and that is well.


Setting up obstacles at the local town hall.


(PS: We bought a new trailer to carry our stuff around. It’s going to look great.)


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